VYNE-L King No-One Single 'Constellations' Review - Ellie Cawte

Regularly busking in their local city York, humble yet with dreams of headlining Glastonbury, King No-One are barely four years in the making. The teenage four piece’s latest offering 'Constellations' creates another interesting new buzz in their ever-growing repertoire. Think the brand of indie alt-rock produced by Arctic Monkeys, Franz Ferdinand, The Killers, Radiohead, with extra teenage angst.

'Constellations' begins with a mysteriously rapturous intro building to an explosion of sound. Disgustingly hipster to look at, Zach Lount’s surprisingly raw post-teen vocals  "never gonna let it go" propel into a layered multitude of guitar riffs. Catchy satisfyingly repetitive lyrics follow, Lount’s voice adding an ambiguous depth, tantalizing the meaning of the relatively simple words.

The steady upbeat instrumentals carry through each increasingly harsh chorus reprise. The coarse lyrics combined with thoughtfully intense guitar manipulations and stark drumbeats create a sound aching to be heard live.

It’s fitting to have a teen following, but 'Constellations' adds to the unique maturity to the band’s catalogue, metaphoric for the band’s rapid maturity. Leaving us with the same words they started with, the abrupt ending leaves you craving more.

With dedication and future tracks with this promise, dreams of Glastonbury may not be far off the horizon for these fledging new kids on the block.