VYNE-L Raphaella Single 'In The Rain' Review - Liam Smith

Following a series of impressive collaborations with the likes of Gordon City, MNEK and Wilkinson, London-based producer and singer Raphaella returns with solo effort, 'In The Rain', a dynamic alt- electropop affair, infused with a hypnotic Arabica instrumental. 

Combining musical elements from her Persian heritage with pulsating electronic synth beats and a catchy bass rhythm, the singer passionately repeats “I’ll stand in the rain, if you stay” over a richly layered and unique soundscape. Raphaella’s smoky vocals glide effortlessly over the backing track, emphasising the versatile nature of her voice, and adding to the emotional vehemence of the track’s lyrics. The track is a powerful expression of the characteristics that make her artistry so distinctive. 

In the earliest stages of what promises to be an impressive career in music, Raphaella has already established an interesting take on alternative pop-music, which will carry her into continued recognition and acclaim.