VYNE-L Lucas Nord Single 'Don't Need Your Love' Review - ellie cawte

Lucas Nord takes me back to the winter after I had just turned 18, that deliriously high, bordering on bubblegum-pop single "Run on Love" dancing round my head on those first few exciting nights out. But Nord has now matured from his "Black & White" days, much like I have from my days as a young and foolish 18 year old (ha, let's just pretend that's true).

The writer, mixer and producer of his track, all of which are practically faultless, the Stockholm-born 24-year-old settles nicely into a chilled out electronic-pop niche. 

"Don't Need Your Love" echoes an answer to "Run on Love" with Nord's newly sophisticated air, his calmed and sensible vocals lend perfectly to the steady, careful production, chanting over and over that love just isn't what he needs to run on any longer.

Nord's latest offering perfectly encapsulates the phenomenon every person will experience at some point; how something that may have seemed a huge deal, the end of the world, probably won't matter at all in a few years time. A snippet of a life lesson for us all, and all in under 4 minutes.



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